Sacred Valley of the Inkas

Explore de magnificent Sacred Valley tour and discover the Masters of farming, engineering geniuses and creators of a religion that combined features of animism, fetishism and nature worship; the Incas are, without a doubt, one of the most interesting and mysterious ancient civilizations. 
This Sacred valley tour allows you to learn about their accomplishments, from the triumphal constructions of Machu Picchu and the intricate stonework of the old Inca capital, Cusco. 

Your full day Sacred Valley tour includes 4 main sites: Pisac, Pisac Market, Ollantaytambo, and Chincherro. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. You will be taken on a road that winds around the mountains north of Cusco city. On the way, we will stop at a famous point known as El Mirador (Lookout Point) where you will gain some insight into the Inca history. From Here we continue on to Pisac giving you a tour of the ruins and allowing you to walk around and explore on your own for about 30 minutes. Afterwards we will head to the bustling Pisac market where you can spend some time walking around the market bargain hunting. 
After exploring, we will stop for lunch at a local buffet (lunch not included) where you can enjoy a wide variety of Peruvian style dishes. From here we will continue to drive along the Urubamba River towards the town of Ollantaytambo. Once we reach Ollantaytambo, we will visit the ruins, an important area of Incan construction, built during the Inca’s heydays. From here we take you to the ruins of Chincherro to explore before returning you to your hotel Cusco (or the Sacred Valley). 

Description of the sacred valley ruins.

Pisac ruins.

The area is diverse and is divided into several categories, there is the agricultural sector, the military sector, the religious sector and the urban areas that are built along a thin mountain ridge connected by Stone steps and narrow trails. 

Ollantaytambo ruins.

The archaeological site is a beauty. It is built by the slope of a narrow mountainside, there are Stone steps that serve as stairs to the top of the main complex. There are souvenir shops and cafes for tourist to shop and rest from their walk. 

Chinchero ruins.

Chinchero is less attractive to tourists, the ruins have one side of the plaza are the Inca Stone structures and agricultural terraces that arranges down to the hillside. On the Stone foundation of an old Inca structure is a White 16th-century church, and on a clear day, tourist will have the opportunity to see the Apu Salkantay, a famed Inca peak which is far away can only be seen on a clear day.

  • Private bus. 
  • English speaking professional tour guide. 
  • Sites (approximate duration of visits). 
  • Pisac market approx 25 minutes. 
  • Visit of Pisac ruins approx 95 minutes. 
  • Urubamba for lunch approx 45 mins (30-45 soles Buffet lunch not Included ). 
  • Visit of Ollantaytambo approx 60mins. 
  • Visit of Chincheros approx 30mins. 

What is not Included:

  • Entrance ticket to visit 3 Inca Archaeological sites. 
  • Lunch in Urubamba (25 -35 Soles) optional. 
  • Water bottle, camera, sun cream, hat.
  • Rain jacket or rain poncho. 
  • Money for lunch and souvenirs. 
  • Comfortable sturdy walking shoes or runners. 
  • Cusco Tourist Ticket. 
  • A warm clothes to return to Cusco.


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