Machu Picchu is the most photographed destination in South America

Trending in the world! According to a recent study by the mobile phone company Sony Mobile and based on information from the Instagram social media network, Machu Picchu, Peru’s main tourist destination and one of the seven wonders of the modern world, is the place in South America most photographed by users who use this application. 

The research, which has established the 30 places in the world that are most photographed and posted to social media, indicates that the Inca citadel occupies the tenth place with 792,086 posts to Instagram to date, in a list headed by the Eiffel Tower (France), The Alhambra (Spain), the Coliseum in Rome (Italy), the Burj Khalifa (Dubai-United Arab Emirates) and Big Ben (United Kingdom).

The study also states that 50% of respondents choose their destination based on the pictures that other users take on their holidays, while 45% use Instagram to get inspiration for the next places to visit and photograph. 

The marketing manager of Sony Mobile Peru, Cristel Sánchez, also emphasized the importance of the research since it allows us to get a real idea of the importance of photography in users’ holidays.

«Photography has become a vital part of any trip, achieving an indisputable relationship», said Sanchez.

Recognition that confirms the popularity of Machu Picchu in Instagram, since in May the well-known US site BuzzFeed, specialized in viral content, included the Inca sanctuary among the 13 places that have appeared the most in the popular social media network.

Without a doubt a mystical and fascinating place that inspires and surprises the world, now through social networks.

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